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I am a French self-taught artist, and these past twenty years I have made Norway my home. Moving to the Lofoten islands was the greatest present I ever made to myself and the Arctic landscapes are indeed a true treat for any artist’s eyes. I live with my British soulmate, my sweet Papillon girls, Lucy and Pixie and the spirit of my border collie, Loki. My creativity is a tribute to the eyes that blink in the heart of every smallest thing, the flowing dreams whose pulse tries to reach to us in our most meditative state.

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Flakstad Island

I have been experimenting a bit with plant dyeing, just for fun, and I have been pleasantly surprised. Onion skin and blueberries.Drafting (roughly) for a collage card (watercolour and mixed media). I’m really looking forward to coming back a bit to my pens and pencils! I have missed them so much. Play Video A few days ago, we went to

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Flying Kung Fu

My first Hanfu! Ready to take the flying Kung Fu lessons! Or maybe, just serve the tea. Yes, I shall do that. Play Video I got one of my paintings printed on a cushion cover. I’m very pleased. Playing day and night with my new camera. So many functions to experiment with! I’m still not 100% satisfied but I’m getting

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The Song of the Aspen Trees

It feels like this these days.Maybe because I’m having pumpkin every single day. My Halloween is way before the 31rst of October which coincides here quite often with the first snowfall. Play Video I love the song of the aspen trees. My delicious Pixie spreading the Hygge by a stream in the autumn woods. Today, I went to listen to

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All is Well

Play Video Some mornings, before going to work, I just stand there in my living-room, taking in everything, I feel so lucky and blessed to have this cosy sanctuary. It is not perfect but it is entirely mine. It is not yet sunrise, in only a few minutes, so the house is still under the spell of the night, some

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The little bits of my paintings I love the most:

A Totally Random Post Popping Out Of Nowhere:

  • Seljefløyter
    Yesterday, I got a wonderful present form my Soulmate, two sallow flutes in different tunings. The longest one has a lower pitch, it can fit different kind of moods. The decorations are something I added (my own ceramic beads and hand-spun yarn). I'm very pleased, no doubt I will spend hours and hours just travelling to other worlds with them. In the morning, I went to my favourite little beach and took some videos. But for the afternoon walk, the sun flared in front of my camera and all the footage is wasted. I saved only the bit with my darling girls. I should get a sun shield for the lens.   https://vimeo.com/341724905 In the afternoon, the sun was high, the light was tricky: My  beautiful and precious girls: https://vimeo.com/341730103

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