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Blessed be The Little Friends with a big heart Along the way

Home is where the Heart is

Nothing is cosier than a fresh soft layer of snow

The Gates of the Otherworld are always opened

A Green Home for the Soul

Exotic Delights

Soul Sisters and other sorceresses

Soul Brothers and other Sorcerers

The Beautiful Longing

The Soul Oracle's Round Cards

The Merry Ghost’s Town

This is the background of the new oracle card. You don’t see the ghost yet but tomorrow, you will see him. I thought a lot about Walter Moers’ books while painting it. A part of my Soul wanders continuously in Moers’ Zamonia. Save

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The Fairy Godmother

Before we have even opened our eyes for the very first time, the Fairy Godmother has visited our newborn selves to bestow upon us her singular gifts.  It might be a skill, a quest that cannot be refused, a passion or loving relationships.  Her gifts are always unique, so it would be unjust to compare them with the gifts of others.  She has a deeply meaningful vision for each of us.  Others might not understand, or comprehend the beauty and rightness of the vision that is ours to realise.  But in the end, being enchanted by our own story is all that matters. Save

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The Drum

The Shamaness is a shape-shifter, moving between worlds to reinvent Herself.  She doesn’t just wait for the whims of circumstance to improve Her well-being, but evaluates everything, choosing the proper response, which is sometimes no response at all.  She is wise, and knows intimately the territory on Her drum, for it is the world She dreamed for Herself.  And it is in Her world, this magical, happy place, that She journeys with the rhythms of Her drum to take the best, most helpful decision. Save Save

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The Ugly Stepsister

What the Ugly Stepsister prizes above all is dominion over everything. She doesn’t share because she thinks there is barely enough for her- in fact, there is never enough. Other people’s joy is their betrayal.  If thwarted, she will seek revenge, and her poisons will taint you.  Her most insidious trait is that she is not entirely ugly: one side of her face, although sad, is also sweet, like the shine on a poison apple.  But remember – in fairy tales, the Ugly Stepsister does not always find redemption. Save

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You see them sometimes at dusk, slowly lumbering up from their blissful slumber.  Trolls are sweet and gentle by nature, but cross them – well, you just might feel the sting of their powerful magic.  Not everyone likes Trolls.  Some see only the cragginess, the untidiness, the lines and folds of age.  Others look with the eyes of love, and see the beauty that comes from simply being who you are.  This one is obviously loved.  She not only has the adoration of this little squirrel, but someone took the time and trouble to let her know with an embroidered heart of silk.  And she carries this gift of love with her

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The Cat

Cats know exactly what they want, whether it’s food, the most comfortable place to dream away an afternoon, or love.  They won’t just settle for whoever gives them the most attention, or who wants their attention the most.  They will only bestow their trust upon those whom they deem worthy, on those who allow them to be themselves. Save Save

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The Fox

The Nine-Tailed Fox is wise in the working of wonders, and will use all his gifts to charm you into creating a better life.  He will never exhaust his spells and enchantments in helping you to overcome the innate frustrations of life.  In fact, his deep cunning overcomes them all.  A brush of his nine tails changes the perspective on any situation, revealing magic and a tremendous potential for improvement where, only an instant before, there seemed nothing but lack and adversity. Save

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The dream that is too fragile to be incarnated, the passion that is too intense to find expression, the mystery that runs too deep to be fathomed…  In trying to attain the unattainable, unexpected treasures can be unearthed, just as a crushed heart can be touched by grace.  And the Bluebird will love you for it, for it is the passion and the longing and the mystery that fuel his song, that animate and dignify him.  Guardian of our deepest dreams, he is the glamorous little king of Nature’s ravishing garden.  (All the faeries have a crush on him, you know.)  He sings of profound ecstasy, of exquisite yearning.  His is the

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